Funny Covid19 2020 Christmas Memories Gold Ceramic Ornament

Edition 3 – Shadowed with a gold frame – Because Every tree needs this memorial ornament to remind us what all we had to go through in this absolutely CRAZY year of 2020 – A collage of pandemic cartoons from social distancing, to mask wearing to the election unrest – the lockdown, from the covid swab testing to the protesting- we commemorate the essential workers that kept us going, and remember the toilet paper shortage. We haven’t forgotten about the murderer wasps or the denial of gatherings for Thanksgiving dinner – remember the quarantine too for 2 weeks – no , make it three but that was 9 months ago – we have flattened the curve and have a vaccine almost ready to go – let us pray next Christmas will be praises of good health, employment and success for the year of 2021 – on the back we have the year 2020 written in 2’s that are candy cane stripes and 0’s that are toilet paper rolls. Text is Merry Covidmas “We rolled with it” and “The year we all stayed home ” Also Personalize the name, change the text if you like original design by © WhimsicalArtwork™ Happy New Year and may the New Year ball break into a million pieces – we need a do over.