Free Whimsical Artwork Photoshop Edges/Frames

Offering 14  edges or frames for your artwork. These are png files are 1667×2222 at 200 resolution (basically 8.3 x 11.11) – There are 5 ovals and 9 rectangles. Four actual designs offered in differing color variations.

These are free for personal and commercial use- so please enjoy!

The only thing I DO ask is that you:

  1. Do not collect and sell them
  2. Do not claim them as your own
  3. Do not use them in hate, abuse or pornography sites
  4. Do credit Whimsical Artwork somewhere in your shop or blog
  5. Do have fun with them
  6. Also I’d love to see how you used them if you want to share the url

A link back (to is always appreciated but not necessary and of course I do accept donations if you are so inclined to send one, but if times are tough and you cannot that’s ok too- maybe another time.

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